27 March 2009


Michael Bertieaux is an expert on Voudoun and other xenodimensionalia in general. Some evidence suggests that he has headed or otherwise been central to a "Choronzon Club" in the American Midwest. Maybe this doesn't exist for "real"...it would be exactly the flavor of joke that C. gets into...)

Bertieaux himself seems to disdain having a huge internet connexion with hundreds of fan types who hang on his utterances.

Choronzon understands, and contends that those who deserve to be given authority's power-trappings are precisely those who would not choose to chase after them.

He has his own way of dealing with those persons who petition him for attention or ask favours of him.Refused with extreme prejudice--or merely lukewarm disdain--are those forever wishing, begging or otherwise asking too rudely or too often to be granted the power that a close personal relationship with a xenodimensional godform can sometimes offer.

Choronzon tells them, if they've the "seventh-sense ears" to hear: If you wish to have this priceless power, take the time to watch, wait and listen to those people who alreadt=...and if you develop the faith to believe in things even when you cannot prove that they exist, you are moving in the direction that is towards, not away from, what you are wanting.

Today I found a very valuable backup DVD containing a folder full of irreplaceable Choronzonic audio manifestations, which I had written off lomg ago as lost forever. Not so...it was never "lost" - and I thought several times today: "This must be what is meant when people say they feel like they want to weep for joy!"

When I painted Pheonisme in 2005, I gave it that name after having read that term in an essay by Colin Low about the Enochian Abyss, and the Qabalistic concept of Da'ath. Pheonisme was a word Bertieaux coined, meaning essentially "a personal eidolon or egregore."

The figure in the picture: who is it? Is that Choronzon himself, herself, itself...or the Annunciator thereof? I did not know when I painted it...and still do not.

When I asked Choronzon, he said, smirkingly, that he DID know, but refused to pass it to me for "his own reasons". He sometimes chooses to hold back some bit or another of data to himself--usually,because holding it back will benefit me. Sometimes, finding out information in one certain sequential order rather than another actually proves to be better than to find the information FASTER.

Most of the time, though, he just does this shit to lord it over me. Ha. The bugger likes to play with me. And let it be, I dig it like crazy.

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