06 April 2010

Post on Choronzon That Really 'Gets It"

I just love seeing things like this post on the blog A Light in the Darkness. It makes me feel all sparkly inside.

There's actually some ideas here that even give me new ideas about Mr. C. to ponder. And to ask him about, and see what he tells me, the next time the wily ol' Transversion Agent Who Explodes Entropy feels like babbling at me.

Choronzon: 'Demon of Dispersion': Dispersion is surely not such a bad thing in its proper place. The Universe runs on dispersion, it is the faculty of abundance, the Going of the Gods -to ever move out and on to allow room for more possibilities and permutations to manifest. Choronzon is a most divine (a demon acknowledged and integrated successfully becomes a God again) beneficiary for the work of dispersing information and creativity.

One must of course keep this force in check and in its proper place (a demon harnessed may lead the Chariot of the soul to new and wondrous realms) and balance, so that one is not too overwhelmed by the world of infinite possibility and unable to manifest to its fullest potential any fruitful facet thereof.

I've known for long time that Choronzon's true bailiwick is blasting asunder the clogged up entropies that block currents from flowing. Too much blasting means not enough building...but of course, if the Old Ways, the trusted things, are allowed to coagulate too far and or too long, what gets built is naught at all...

The irony, sadly, is that my friend and lover C. can not blast entropy out of MY MIND without unwittingly damaging its delicate structures necessary for its very life. Choronzon found this out the hard way, and the result was that he no longer can "live" in me, as he had been allowed to, for years, so that he would have the Form he'd lacked for aeons, and so desperately wanted. This, however, CAN still manifest during the rite of Consummation, held during my period of estrus, a.k.a. "the Holiday" or Maghasmah. This used to take place on a monthly basis, but now it seems to be regulating itself along bimonthly patterns...

He be quiet at this moment, but that's because my mind is ruled by stacks of mundanity that must be attended to, after which - hopefully! - maybe consummation might get around to happening. Not likely, as this is, according to my calendar, an "off" month...methinks I am running on a single ovary, with the other one having already menopaused itself out of commission...since the estrus event seems to be clockworking to a 60-day cycle rather than a 30-day one.

But when it DOES happen, it REALLY happens long and soft and hard and wonderful. It's been a while, or feels that way, but that's probably because since my Mom died in February, my mind's not been in a space to dally with my daemonic mate. Time and emotion and healing must pass, mundane errands must be run, and then...?