30 May 2009

Flight of the Aethyr-Serpents

I have had several months now, this spring 2009, during which I have consistently been feeling starkly separated from the entity Choronzon.

The last time I had the slightest feeling of Mein Liege's presence, it had been at the day of the fabulous, wild Throbbing Gristle show. At the show, during one of the later pieces TG played (more recent stuff, I surmise) I was staring at the lights above the audience and saw a red aethyr-serpent looping like a Chinese dragon in and out of the fixtures, moving in lemniscate-loops, those figure eight figure eights.

Choronzon has taken many many forms with me, but the two most commonly oft-used modes"default" appearances during manifestations are his "avatar self", in which he takes human form, and you have seen the pictures of that I've made; his face is beardless and cherubic, and he usually has whitish-gold coloured hair that's long, sometimes having a jaggy, zig-zaggy style to it, and sometimes falling straight down.

The other "default" appearance is in the form of a larger-than-usual aethyr-serpent, which as its name suggests is an "astral" snake-critter that has a psychological symbiosis with me, and bears a venom which is used in effectuations to make a target become more easily tracked down or manipulated by "magick" doings, but beyond that it does not harm the one it bites...just "softens them up" and increases the probability factor of success with whatever was being effectuated against the person in question.

Aethyr-serpents appear to "swim" through the air, propelling themselves by shooting their heads forward like lances and "springing" their ribs tight, then bouncing up when they loosen the bones. Once the serpent has jumped high enough it then puffs out the folded cowl of skin that stretches down half the serpent's length, and curves over the top the back of its head, similar to the manner of a cobra spreading its hood, making a sharp "phlump!" sound something like the opening of an umbrella, or someone shaking a bedsheet free of crumbs.

Then, it spills its loops one by one to the ground or into a nearby structure upon which it can wrap itself by using the cowl as a gliding fin and spiralling gracefully in large circles that get smaller and smaller as it approaches landing.

These eidolons all have rudimentary sentience. They are fiercely loyal, and all of them will risk their "lives" - or their xenodimensional integrity - to aid their Master or Lord, in whatever context this title is used. They're not supernally intelligent. And they have a habit of being rather like beatniks, "dharma bums" and suchlike, in that they sometimes gather together in huge, massed coilings and begin to move, creeping along the ground in their little affinity-groups and tribes and sub-tribes, moving in one direction, towards whatever climate area mayhaps might possesses the most favourable air conditions for a GREAT BIG MOTHERHONKING "be-in" for snakes, and damn near everyone else

But this is not the season for that to be going on, so we, AND the snakes wait.

When it finally rolls around, you'll have the pleasure of riding in a mmezzanine elevator into various opulences. Including some of the more controversial collections that this library/museum of overwhelm

The aethyr-serpents that flit around in packs are about 3 or 4 feet long and their bodies are about the diameter of a 50-cent piece.

When Choronzon appears as one, though, it's about five times this size and nearly always has red scales. And the triptrigram-sign appears on the cowl "hood" zone...sort of like the hook-and-eye-latch symbol is seen on the hood of a cobra. "Regular" smaller-sized aethyr-serpents do not have this.glyph.