12 March 2009

Pax Latitude

The cool laptop I have sort of inherited, and named Pax Latitude since it's a Dell Latitude D600, is great...but what really sucks is somedamnthing's wrong with Zax Infinitum's IRQs or some similar ultradifficult and delicate form of bullshit and---

Please forgive me O Choronzon for embarrassing you by babyish FIT of frustrata, but perhaps you'll understand if I explain why I shouted that banshee-bitchery.

I cannot seem to install Windows on ANY of its partitions--Zax's that is...Feh.

I got a lot of STUFF on that machine, damnit...

I have been haranging Techgnosis for way too much assistence, lately, and considering it's not mad at me YET I must be some special thing to him/it for some ungettable reason. Or else Choronzon's paying him zillions of units in probability-currency, just to maintain presence whilst we struggle with rearranging our drives and my um, drive, to find equanimity in one or the other...

"Probability currency" is...it's that which is SORTA like what the Gods use for money except not really, at all, actually...

Techgnosis is of course the Transversion Agent whose bailiwick is, predictably enough, computers and their networks vis a vis their users and the invisible ineffable lines of interaction betwixt them: we are electric beings, our computers are also electric beings, and it's not SUCH a long leap inbto Irrationalabout it but he seems to be everyone ELSE'S friend right now.

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