28 January 2009

On Offal.

The next time you have to go "number two", take a moment to contemplate this.

All that we create is, at the base of things, just shit. The stuff we put into toilets and send away with enough water to support life for a day at least every time we take a crap - that's just the physical stuff. The rest is the mental counterpart.

We are bioprogrammed with a need to clear our minds as much as we're programmed to clear our bodies, and when we get constipated there it's just as frustrating.

One thing that constipates us is worrying about our shit, and whether it's good enough. This practice must be abolished if we want to be healthy. Remembering that our precious music and art is just shit is a good way to do this.

Sometimes when we crap we crap a perfect pinched loaf, with its yuckier aspects nicely packed in, and a lack of that putrid smell that the shit that crumbles into diarrhea and little chunks, a "bad shit", always carries.

Everybody shits, and some folks just have their shit together more than others. After a while, you can find a meta-balance in your life, if you seek it, and if you take on habits of good input.

You see, just as with physical shit, your mental shit tends to be as good as what you put into your mind, just as your physical shit tends to come to pieces when you don't eat right.

The thing is: ask people the question "What is eating right?" and you'll get as many answers as there are persons, which is about how it should be, because everyone's physical conditions are different from each other's.

You have to find right input out for your own conditions and circumstances, and once it's found, it has to be balanced out with WRONG input.

This is the only way right input STAYS right input and does not become entropic.

There's a time for diarrhea and a time for cold hardness, and this is as true of verbal and visual reality as it is for something as base and physical as one's shit.

Getting it metabalanced right is something that can only be judged by feel. This is what was really meant by "if it feels good do it".

And when you think about all this, it's no wonder that our culture has a very common expression - "having one's shit together" tends to result from it.
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  1. As shitty of a read as that was... it made absolute sense.